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Thanks to Kane Turley, we now have a source for Tyler's jacket: As Seen on Screen. Visit the Menswear/Jackets & Coats section to order.

Reaper of War informed me that they are selling (very expensively) various Tyler-like clothes at the official Fight Club site. (Click on the number 3 to view the catalog.) However I have been told by several irate FC fans that the catalog isn't real. Oops. Guess I should check out links before I post them ^_^;

Tyler's Clothes

A large part of Tyler's symbolism comes from his clothing. While the Narrator dresses conservatively, even after he abandons his old life, Tyler's clothes are always outrageous. His "business attire" consists of a white suit in which he looks more like a pimp than a businessman; his jacket is red leather, his choice of shirts is unusual to say the least, and his pants always seem a couple sizes too big for him and are worn low on his hips. A few articles of clothing carry more symbolism than others.

The Pink Glasses

Tyler almost always wears wire-rimmed glasses with pink lenses. The obvious symbolism of "rose-colored glasses" is undermined by his perverted vision of a perfect world. What Tyler sees through his glasses is a faulty world where the common man is downtrodden and his masculinity repressed. His utopia is a world of violence where pain is freedom and every man has control over his own destiny-- as long as he is still under control of Tyler.

The Red Jacket

J writes, "I was thinking about Tylers clothes the other day after I watched the movie for the umpteenth time and actually was thinking about his Leather Jacket. The Red one that he wears for most of the movie. Traditionaly Red leather is very feminine and worn predominitly by women. while i was in Itily and more specifically Florince (one of the leather capitals of the world) I made it a point to try and find a jacket very similer to Tylers. But in all the shops the mens jackets were mostly all Black and Brown colored. I couldnt find anything like it. When I would ask the shop keeper if he had any 'red' styled jackets with a similier color he would laugh and seem extrememly confused on why i would want such a thing. as it turns out, (i dont know if its nesasarilly true in america)but in itily red leather should only be worn by women. so maybe tyler wearing this colored jacket is another feminine atribute much like some of the other clothes that were mentioned..."

The Pink Robe

Tyler's bathrobe is an anamoly: even though he preaches masculinity, he wears a pink terrycloth robe emblazoned with coffee cups. Tyler's robe seems to prove that even the most violent of men can't escape his feminine side. It also shows that Tyler is a rebel in everything, even when it comes to his own way of life.

The Hustler Shirt

One of the shirt's in Tyler's seemingly vast collection says "Hustler" on it; this is probably the most descriptive piece of clothing he owns. After all, first and foremost, Tyler is a hustler. Whether he's selling soap or organizing terrorist activites, Tyler relies on his abilities to pressure people into doing what he wants. As the Narrator says, "Sooner or later, we all became what Tyler wanted us to be."

Ashley writes, "'Hustler' is the name of a porno magazine, and supposedly one of the sleazier porno magazines, at that. This parallels Tyler's porn splicing misadventures in the projectionist's booth, as well as his rather twisted and violent sex with Marla. (Notice when Jack goes up to the door to spy on them and the door suddenly opens, Tyler is wearing a rubber glove... I don't *even* want to know where that thing has been.) Tyler is "perfect" in the Narrator's eyes... he looks like the Narrator wishes he could look like, he fights as well as the Narrator wishes he could fight, and he has sexual prowess that the Narrator wishes he could have. Tyler is the epitome of both violence and sexuality, and these two sides of his nature often come together to produce this overly aggressive and masculine being."

The Sock It To Me Shirt

Again, this is another highly descriptive shirt, particularly because Tyler is wearing it when he goads Lou into beating him up. Besides simply representing Fight Club, it also embodies Tyler's masochistic nature; he invites pain. At the beginning of their relationship, he asks the Narrator to hit him; he pours lye on his own hand; he vicariously hurts himself by hurting the Narrator.

Ashley adds, "Remember the scene where Tyler and Jack are smashing cars with baseball bats? The last car they hit is a Volkswagen. There is a discussion on the DVD audio track with Norton, Pitt, and Fincher about how the Volkswagen Bug is a sort of pop culture symbol of the 60's and 70's generation. Only now, a generation later, many of these same people are now businessmen, trying to repackage this symbol of their generation and pass it off as "retro" in an attempt to sell more cars and make more money off today's youth. It's hip. It's trendy. It's clever. Just like Jack's dining set. By destroying the Volkswagen, Jack and Tyler are basically giving an upturned middle finger and a big, hearty "f-you" to both consumerism and the previous generation that they feel has abandoned them.

I think there's the same sort of thing going on with Tyler's "Sock it to Me" shirt that he wears when fighting Lou in the basement. "Laugh-In" was a popular TV show during the late 60's and early 70's...and "Sock it to me" was the show's most enduring catchphrase. By wearing this shirt, Tyler takes this pop culture reference and warps it, giving it an entirely new and darker meaning. A meaning for his generation."

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The Dark Glasses

Near the end of the movie, Tyler no longer wears his pink glasses. When he appears to the Narrator in his hotel room, Tyler is wearing dark glasses instead and has shaved his hair as well. This shows how the violence of his dreams has changed even Tyler. He is no longer happy with his life, for his vision has failed; he sees that even his intricate plans won't change the world, and most of all, they won't set him free.

Brian writes "Near the end of the movie, when Tyler appears to the Narrator in his hotel room, Tyler is wearing a fur coat, dark round sunglasses that look like goggles, and has a shaved head. 'Like a shaved space monkey, ready to be shot into space.'"

Xio Jade writes, "Near the end of the film at the hotel when Jack learns that he is Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt is wearing a fur coat and sun glasses. Earlier in the film, Pitt talked about walking around in bear skin clothes. I think the fur coat shows that Tyler Durden is now at his most primal point wearing just fur skins like primitive man."