Referencing Slide

I've gotten several emails from people using this site as a reference when doing reports, theses, projects, etc. on Fight Club. Most people want to know how to reference the site in their work, so I've decided to make it easier on you and post the information on the site itself. ^_^

If you wish to quote directly from the text given on the site, see if an author credit is given. If so, click on the author's name; you'll be taken to the contributors' page where contact information for the authors is given. Before quoting from any piece of writing with an author credit, email the author and ask his or her permission. If no author information is given with the writing, it was written by me (Togemon), and you have permission to requote it; just be sure to reference it to this site.

Whether you quote directly from this site or you simply use the information, please be sure to include it in your work references. The official site title is Slide: The Analysis of Fight Club; author is Susanna Coleman.

If you are using MLA style for your report, just include the following line on your references page, filling in the underlined parts with the appropriate information:

Author of the page you cited (usually Coleman, Susanna). "Page Title." Slide: The Analysis of Fight Club. Online. Browser you used (i.e. Netscape). World Wide Web. Date you visited the site (in format 2 May 2001).

Check with your instructor for the proper style to use in your report; the above reference line may not be appropriate for all works.

MLA style reference information obtained from Houghton Mifflin's Handbook for College Research

3.26.04 Okay, I'm sorry to have to do this to you guys again, but this time Slide really is shutting down. To be honest I've lost most of my interest in Fight Club other than seeing it as a really great movie, but most importantly, I want to free up my time, server space, and bandwidth for my other web sites.

But the site will stay up for a while longer (probably around a month). If there's anything you want from it for ongoing/upcoming projects or general information or whatever, go ahead and download it now. If any of you would like to archive the site or put parts of it on your own website, please do! (Just please give me credit for it, as explained in the Referencing Slide section.) Around the end of April everything here will be taken down, so get it while it's here!