Collected here is fan fiction written by site contributors. I've tried to include stories that either explain something about the movie, or contain further insight into the characters. If you have a contribution to make, please email


By The Brat Queen

Animal Instincts -- in which the boys get dogs. Another look into Tyler's mindset.

Psycho-Boy -- Tyler thinks about Angel Face and the Narrator's reaction to him.


By Jason

Jack and Jill -- the Narrator remembers his first love.


By Morgan

Service With a Smile -- daily life as a Space Monkey.
Slide Writing Contest winner!


By Togemon

Very Stupid Things -- written from the Narrator's point of view after the events of the movie. Dicusses his feelings about Tyler.

Disowned -- written from Tyler's point of view after the movie. Discusses what life as the Narrator's alter-ego was really like.

Last Life Running -- Tyler plays Mario, the Narrator watches.


By Katherine F.

Angel Face -- written from Angel Face's point of view. Shows how Tyler Durden appeared to the rest of the world.