In the self-serving interest of commercialism, go buy this DVD.

As far as analyzing the film goes, it's indispensable. It's not bad for watching the movie either; in fact, according to the back of the box, disc one lets you watch Fight Club in widescreen, in two different kinds of surround sound in English, and in French. (Ooh la la.) It also contains commentary by the directory and three main actors, and you can skip directly to one of 36 "chapter" scenes.

Disc two includes the usual behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes (mostly different versions of existing scenes). There's also plenty of art work from storyboards to concept art of "before and after" pictures of Tyler in a fight. Lots of movie stills... lots of gorgeous Tyler movie stills. One of my favorite parts though is the "publicity footage"-- name every trailer, television ad, and public service announcement for the movie. Also in this section are scans of movie one-sheets, press kits, and other promotional material.

And then there's the packaging. The box and booklet have lots of wonderful collage images, and the booklet contains quotes from Chuck Palahniuk (author of the novel that inspired the movie) and people who worked on the film, as well as from various reviews (including Mr. Turna's lovely observation above).

So yeah, go on and cough up $30 (or in my case, $300 because I had to buy a DVD player to actually watch the thing on). It's worth it.

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Fight Club (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Images From the Package
The cover
Tyler Durden says...

Images From the Booklet
How to start a fight
Do not talk about Fight Club