Cosplay is short for "costume play," a phenomenon that involves fans of some creative work, usually a movie or TV show, dressing up as its characters. Cosplay is most popular among Japanese animation fans, but in the right places, you can find people cosplaying as just about anything.

For the Dragon*con 2003 science fiction convention in Atlanta, I and fellow contributor Ashley made costumes of Marla and the Narrator. I was lucky enough to run into a Tyler as well. Check out the photos below, and if you have a Fight Club costume, or pictures of someone dressed in one, please email to be included on this page.

Togemon on the left as Marla, and Ashley as the Narrator. We're both wearing our "Hello My Name Is" support group tags.

A very handsome Tyler Durden I ran into. (If you happen to be the person in this picture, please email me your name!)