Comparison with Nazism

The following is an excerpt from the book My Father's Keeper: Children of Nazi Leaders -- An Intimate History of Damage and Denial by Stephan and Norbert Lebert.

"I was at the cinema recently to see Fight Club, a Hollywood production starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. A successful movie and certainly a good one from cinematographic and technical points of view. As I say, maybe I've been reading too much, but with negligibly transposed details of time and place, the movie's story could have come straight from the early years of the Nazi enterprise. A young man despairs of his hollow, meaningless life and the meaningless society around him. With another bloke who is apparently his friend, he founds the so-called Fight Club, where young, mostly very good-looking guys get together to beat the daylights out of each other. They hit each other in order to feel something, to feel alive again. All over the country other secret clubs are formed -- fighting units, like the SS or SA. Finally they all attack together, striking against the state, terrorists of the new meaning of life. When I leave the cinema, I want to ask Klaus von Schirach, the son of the Hitler Youth leader, what he thinks of the movie, whether it reminds him of anything about the past and about his father. But that comes later."

I (Togemon) don't know much at all about Nazism and Nazi Germany, and so cannot really comment on this passage, except to make the obvious statement that Angel Face is quite perfectly Aryan. Thoughts of other, more knowledgeable people are welcomed.