Comparison with 9/11

Please be aware that by including this page in Slide, I and the other contributors to this page mean no disrespect of the events of 9-11. We're simply analyzing some of the rather creepy similarities between the small-scale situation in the movie and the large-scale real life tragedy.

Freezon writes, "does anyone besides me find the ending eerie in light of 9/11? the collapsing buildings at the end of the movie were financial institutions... watching the ending since then gives me a strange feeling... i began to feel like al-qaida was an arab project mayhem, this rich saudi giving up everything (leaving luxury to live in caves, etc...) and beginning a slow (or some might say rapid) descent into madness... his recruited members, their infiltration into sectors of society... (please forgive me if this is's just that in some lights, the tyler character just seems like the prototype for the charismatic, insane leader leading people nowhere just to be leading them, convincing them that they are improving the flaws of the world by tearing it apart, instead of offering solutions.) obviously tyler had taken precautions not to have any people killed, though... i don't know, maybe it's just the way that those buildings l ook coming down, after seeing actual news footage look so similiar..."

I (Togemon) responded, "About the 9-11 thing... yeah, I agree, and I think other people do too... another site contrib said that he really didn't want to think about Fight Club for a while afterwards because it was so similiar. I really think FC wouldn't have been released, or would have been heavily edited, had it been slated to come out after the attacks. But I think there are definite similiarities there... The main difference I think (besides the real thing being much larger scale violence) is that the Al Queda attacks were much more organized... I think the leader was in control at all times, whereas with Project Mayhem, he lost control (after Tyler "disappeared" that is)."